Prescription policy

Prescription policy

If your order includes CPAP masks, devices, heated humidifiers or nebulizer compressors, we must have your prescription on file before we can ship your order. Please note that CPAP supplies and parts such as filters, tubing, water chambers, mask parts, cushions and pillows do not require a prescription. Please note that CPAP supplies and parts such as filters, tubing, water chambers, mask parts, cushions and pillows do not require a prescription.

There are three easy ways to give us your CPAP prescription:
- Fax your prescription to our toll-free fax number: 514-840-9693
- E-mail your prescription to
- We can request your prescription for you! Contact customer service at 514-282-2114

Did you know that you can often get a CPAP prescription from your family doctor?
If your doctor has a record of your sleep study or knows you use a CPAP machine, he or she will probably be happy to write a prescription for your supplies. This is usually quicker than waiting to see a specialist. Your prescription can be handwritten on a standard prescription pad. It should include the doctor's name, contact details and provider's signature; your name; and a statement about the equipment required, for example "CPAP", "BiPAP", "CPAP mask", "Moisture chamber" or "CPAP accessories".A prescription for a standard CPAP must include a defined pressure setting.

Note: Under confidentiality regulations, you have the right to request a prescription from your doctor. If you have difficulty accessing your prescription, please contact our customer service department for assistance.

Prescription FAQs

Can you help me with my CPAP prescription?

Of course! Contact our sleep experts. They'll be happy to answer your questions about CPAP prescriptions.
- Write to us:
- By phone: 514-282-2114 (8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, Monday to Friday)
- Live chat
- By fax: 514-840-9693

I have an old prescription. Can I still use it?
Prescriptions can be written for "lifetime use" or "99 years". Such a prescription can be used for the prescribed material as often as necessary to continue the treatment. If a prescription specifies a number of renewals, it will be valid to dispense the listed equipment the number of times indicated on the prescription. If a prescription bears an expiry date, the prescription is valid until the date indicated. If you are unsure of the validity of a prescription, send it to us and we will determine its status.

Who can write a CPAP prescription?

The prescription can be written by one of the following healthcare providers:
- Medical Doctor
- Psychiatrist

We cannot accept a prescription written by one of the following practitioners, unless the practitioner is also an MD or DO:
- Chiropractor
- Podologist
- Optometrist
- Psychologist
- Etc.

Can my prescription be written in a language other than English?
Yes, we can accept prescriptions written in any language by a Canadian physician.

Will you accept a prescription from a physician outside Canada?
No. Prescriptions must be written by a Canadian physician.

How do I submit my prescription to Cliniques Somnos? 
-Fax your prescription to our fax number: 514-840-9693.
- E-mail your prescription to