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Airmini Adapter kit for N20 mask (mask not included)

Airmini Adapter kit for N20 mask (mask not included)

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The adapter set for Airmini contains:
- One (1) connector for Airfit N20 or Airtouch N20 mask
- One (1) Airmini flexible tubing
- Two (2) heat and humidity exchange filters: one (1) HumidX and one (1) HumidX Plus

*Resmed AirMini travel CPAP not included
**Mask is sold separately, there is no mask in this set.


Understand :

• Pre-assembled N20 AirMini connector, featuring ActiveAir™ technology
• AirMini tube
• 1 HumidX™* waterless humidification
• 1 HumidX Plus™ waterless humidification for drier environments*


Pre-assembled AirMini N20 connector that first connects the mask to the AirMini tube. The connector features ActiveAir ventilation technology, which makes AirMini solutions possible.

A flexible AirMini tube (1.8m) which then connects your N20 to the AirMini device.
1 HumidX waterless humidification system that sits directly between you and the vent for effective humidification.
1 HumidX Plus is also available for use in drier conditions, such as airplane cabins.
The AirMini N20 Installation Kit contains all the necessary items to easily connect your AirFit N20 mask to the AirMini device.

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