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AirFit F20 Face Mask

AirFit F20 Face Mask

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The AirFit™ F20 mask features an InfinitySeal™ cushion designed to remain waterproof regardless of airflow pressure setting. The QuietAir™ vent reduces noise to just 21 decibels, which is quieter than a gentle whisper. The magnetic fasteners allow you to put the mask on or take it off in no time. The plush strap and soft, flexible frame provide extra comfort. The quick-release elbow allows you to get up at night and switch off without removing the mask. The harness is compatible with AirTouch™ F20 screens.

The ResMed AirFit™ F20 is designed to be discreet and easy to use to enhance your CPAP treatment experience, allowing you to read or watch TV before bed.

The mask has built-in padding and has fewer points of contact with the face thanks to the removal of the forehead support, making it ideal for those suffering from claustrophobia.


The AirFit™ F20 for her has been designed to adapt to all patients, regardless of their facial profile. The AirFit™ F20 for her has been designed to perform across a wide range of therapeutic pressures and, according to recent international studies, the mask is able to fit the majority of patients. This mask is equipped with a diffuser integrated into the elbow of the mask to make the treatment quieter.

The AirFit™ F20 Her is designed to fit your lifestyle - with magnetic clips, a quick-release connector elbow and a simple design that make it quick and easy to put on as well as clean and reassemble . For the For Her version, the AirFit™ F20 interface has stylish lavender accents and a smaller size range. The strap is compatible with AirTouch™ F20 bubbles.

The AirFit™ F20 for Her features an InfinitySeal™ cushion - the most adaptable we've ever designed - as well as a soft, flexible frame that includes built-in padding. The result is an interface that moves comfortably with you and provides a reliable seal throughout the night, regardless of sleeping position.

Manufacturer's contraindication:
The use of masks with magnetic components is contraindicated in patients with a medical implant (pacemaker or defibrillator). The same goes for patients who have a metal hemostatic device implanted in the skull following an aneurysm.


The InfinitySeal™ cushion is specially designed to accommodate different facial features and sleeping positions throughout the night, while providing a reliable seal.
Magnetic clips guide the harness onto the mount quickly and easily.
The quick-release elbow makes it easy to disconnect from the circuit without removing the mask.
The plush harness is specially designed to provide added softness and stability.
The soft and flexible surround is placed under the eyes and adapts to different face types.


This product includes

1 Frame with elbow
1 harness with magnetic harness clips
1 InfinitySeal Full Face Cushion in chosen size

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