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AirFit N20 nasal mask

AirFit N20 nasal mask

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The AirFit™ N20 for her nasal mask offers the ultimate comfort experience, thanks to the most adaptive cushion designed by ResMed.

The InfinitySeal™ cushion is designed to remain sealed regardless of the airflow pressure setting. The magnetic fasteners allow you to put the mask on or take it off in no time.

The quick-release elbow allows you to get up at night and switch off without removing the mask.

The soft fabric strap and soft, flexible frame provide extra comfort. The strap is also compatible with Airtouch™ N20 cushions.

Manufacturer's contraindication:
The use of masks with magnetic components is contraindicated in patients with a medical implant (pacemaker or defibrillator). The same goes for patients who have a metal hemostatic device implanted in the skull following an aneurysm.


InfinitySeal Cushion: The InfinitySeal Cushion is the most adaptive silicone cushion ResMed has designed. It features specially designed loops and varying levels of thickness intended to prevent bursting, to create a secure seal and prevent mask leaks.

Soft, Padded Frame: The surround is flexible and soft to the touch, with built-in padding to prevent irritation. The surround is flexible, adapting to your personalized fit and changing position during the night.

Clear field of vision: The frame sits just under the eyes to keep the field of vision open for reading or watching TV.

Magnetic Clips and Quick-Release Elbow: Magnetic clips attach to the headgear and lock onto the mask surround, helping to hold headgear adjustments in place when the mask is removed. The quick-release elbow allows you to disconnect the mask from the CPAP hose when you need to get up at night.

Short, Flexible Tube: The flexible hose connects the elbow to the machine hose, giving you greater freedom of movement without the risk of hose entrainment or leaks. The short, flexible tube can connect to any CPAP or BiPAP/VPAP tube.


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(1) Mask frame
(1) Cushion (selected size)
(1) Short tube assembly with quick coupling
(1) Harness with magnetic clips (standard size)

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