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P10 mask and tubing starter kit for Airmini

P10 mask and tubing starter kit for Airmini

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KitSet compatible with the Resmed AirMini travel CPAP.

This starter set includes the following items:
- One (1) P10 full nostril mask with small, medium and large bubbles
- One (1) tube adapted for the Airmini for the P10 mask
- Two (2) heat and humidity exchange filters: one (1) humidX and one (1) humidX PLUS

*Resmed Airmini travel CPAP not included


    Extremely Quiet -ResMed has developed a new mesh vent called QuietAir, so the AirFit P10 is 50% quieter than its predecessor, diffusing air with minimal disruption to patients or their bed partners. ResMed's AirFit P10 maintains a secure seal while providing facial freedom.

    Lightweight - The AirFit P10 is 50% lighter than our most popular nasal masks, giving CPAP users the comfort of a better night's sleep. The mask weighs approximately 1.6 oz. once assembled.

    Simple design - The AirFit P10 consists of just three parts: the QuietAir ventilation frame, the headgear and the nose pad. The pillow can be easily added or detached from the set using the top and bottom clips. The harness can also be removed for complete disassembly.

    Nasal Cushions - (flexible and color coded) ResMed includes all three compatible nasal cushions for each system.

    Flexible Tube - The tube is ultra-light, yet extremely strong. You can move as much as you want, without worrying about breaking the joint. The mobility you get with the ResMed AirFit P10 is especially useful when you fall asleep and need to move more. AirFit P10 double-walled nasal pillows are designed to accommodate movement. The nasal pillow posts easily compress up and down to help maintain a comfortable seal when sleeping position changes.

    QuickFit Elastic Head Cover - QuickFit head cover allows for a secure fit without the need for velcro tabs or clips. The elastic fabric harness is designed to fit snugly around the back of your head. The split back straps can be spread apart for a wider fit or pulled together for a tighter fit. The AirFit P10 features a gray and blue harness. The gray side is worn outwards, the blue side inwards. Note: The AirFit N30 harness can also be used in place of the AirFit P10 harness.


    PART NUMBERS: 38824
    WARRANTY: 90-day manufacturer's warranty
    IN THE PACKAGE: AirFit P10 Nasal Cushion Mask for AirMini (S, M, L cushions included), AirFit P10 Harness Clips, AirMini Tubing, HumidX Standard, HumidX Plus
    HCPCS CODES: A7034 A7035
    GTIN CODES: 00619498388240
    AVAILABLE SIZES: Small, Medium, Large
    DIMENSIONS: 5 feet 9 inches
    MATERIALS: Latex-free

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