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Brevida headgear

Brevida headgear

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Brevida headgear. The simple, adjustable headgear to provide an individual fit. It is designed to stay in place while you are sleeping. The standard size strap comes with velcro and a pair of clip.

*Headgear only.


Product Features:

Soft, flexible harness material with VisiBlue highlights
Adjustment pull tabs to fine-tune the fit
Detachable harness clips connect to frame
Flexible, easy-to-adjust harness

The Brevida mask harness simplifies the process of removing and putting on the mask thanks to its elastic flexibility. Expandable back panels, easily identified by F&P's VisiBlue highlights, easily pull over the crown to anchor the harness to the back of the head. Patients can further fine-tune the fit by tightening or loosening the tension of the headgear via adjustment tabs, ensuring a mask seal that is both comfortable and snug.

The simple headgear layout fits perfectly with the overall Brevida mask, which is an award-winning CPAP mask design. Fisher & Paykel has made an intuitive user interface a top priority for the Brevida, with the harness not only offering easy adjustment but also quick-release clips. The harness clips connect to the mask frame, making it easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning or removing the mask.


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Headgear Brevida Mask

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