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Fisher & Paykel

Brevida nasal mask

Brevida nasal mask

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The Brevida mask is equipped with the AirPillow™ cushion which inflates to form a soft “pillow”, ensuring a seal in the nostrils and around the nose.

Brevida's adjustable headgear is designed to hold the mask in position while sleeping.

The diffuser, for its part, reduces noise and air flow, plus it is washable and durable. The blue markings integrated into the main components of the mask facilitate daily use by the patient.

This mask comes in a fitpack format and contains different sizes of cushions for easy testing and adaptation at home.


Special features and benefits
AirPillow Seal - When air from the CPAP enters, the AirPillow inflates to form a seal in and around the back of the nose. The silicone in Paykel Brevida nasal cushions is softer and thinner than that of other nasal cushions, which increases the sealing performance of the AirPillow.

Optional Adjustable Headgear - The headgear is lightweight and durable, with adjustable Velcro tabs that stay in place without shifting. The headgear has a split strap, similar to ResMed's AirFit P10 mask, but is adjustable using the Velcro straps.

Washable Diffuser - The new style of air diffuser reduces noise and drafts, and it is washable and durable.

VisiBlue - The blue highlights built into the Brevida FP mask help patients identify mask parts.


Included in this package

(1) Brevida short tube with swivel connection
(1) Nose cushion (in chosen size)
(1) Swivel
(1) Optional Harness Diffuser with clips (additional charges apply)
All cushion sizes are optional (additional charges apply)

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