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Sleep Noodle Positioning Belt

Sleep Noodle Positioning Belt

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Sleep Noodle is a simpler, more natural sleep aid solution. Sleep Noodle helps you get into the habit of sleeping on your side.

Promotes side sleeping: About half of people who snore do so when sleeping on their back, while they are relieved when sleeping on their side. This is due to better air circulation when breathing. The Sleep Noodle helps provide positional therapy while sleeping in bed.

Available in 3 sizes: To ensure a good fit, the sleep noodle is available in three sizes. Before purchasing a sleep noodle, measure your chest circumference (see size chart).

Non-slip breathable mesh belt: Comfort is obviously important while sleeping. That's why the Sleep Noodle features a breathable mesh waistband and industrial-strength hook-and-loop closure to keep you secure during the night.

- A simpler and more natural anti-snoring solution
- Excellent positional therapy
- Durable and easy to use
- Breathable, non-slip mesh belt with reinforced hook-and-loop fastener



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