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Humidity chamber for S11 device

Humidity chamber for S11 device

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The humidity chamber for the AirSense 11 device is designed to be easily cleaned, allowing for more hygienic and comfortable use of the device. The humidity chamber is easy to access and is made of high quality materials, which ensures its longevity. The cleanable humidity chamber is an important feature of the Resmed AirSense 11, as it helps ensure the user receives the highest possible level of comfort and hygiene.

Cleaning information
For best hygiene results and to avoid bacterial contamination, the water chamber tank should be emptied daily. It should be cleaned by hand weekly with lukewarm water and a mild detergent. Once cleaned, it should be dried completely in the open air, away from direct sunlight and/or heat. It is important that the humidity chamber is completely dry before reinstalling it in your sleep therapy device. Replace the humidity chamber as needed, on average every 3 to 6 months. For complete care instructions, please see the user manual provided with your device.

Usage Information
It is recommended that you always use deionized or distilled water at room temperature in your tank to avoid the corrosive buildup of calcium and limescale that can develop with the use of standard tap water.

Tank capacity: 380 ml

*Humidity chamber only.



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