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Eson2 nasal mask

Eson2 nasal mask

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The Eson 2 nasal mask was designed to meet the needs of patients and sleep professionals at each important stage of CPAP treatment.

Eson™ 2 offers a perfect seal without needing to be tight on your head. It has a washable diffuser that sits above the outlet valve so the air isn't blown onto your partner at night. It is very quiet and has a lighter frame than the original Eson™. The harness is thinner and stretchy, making it easy to put on and take off like a hat. The cushion frame is smaller and the color-coded straps make assembly easier.

The intuitive headgear, with a blue top strap for easy orientation, can be put on in multiple ways, including stretching it over the head, using the traditional clip.

The innovative diffuser reduces noise and drafts. It is now washable and more durable.

The F&P Eson 2 mask incorporates VisiBlue™ markers which provide visual cues for easier, faster and more intuitive handling of the mask and to help the patient install, disassemble and reassemble it.


Confidence is built easily with the F&P Eson™ 2 - a nasal mask designed to meet the needs of patients and providers at every important stage of the CPAP treatment journey. To improve the F&P Eson™ - designed for performance and comfort - our development team focused on ease of use.

The five key features of Eson 2 are:

RollFit™ Seal The RollFit seal is designed to provide a precise fit and effective seal by automatically adjusting to the bridge of the nose.
Intuitive Headgear The Intuitive headgear provides adjustment options for patients, including the ability to stretch the mask directly over the head. These options meet the needs of healthcare providers and patients.
Easy Frame The Easy Frame - which fits all three joint sizes - now has a narrower profile than its predecessor. This clears the field of vision while maintaining the stability of the joint.
Washable Diffuser The innovative diffuser, which reduces noise and drafts, is now washable and more durable than the original F&P Eson.
VisiBlue™ Blue highlights incorporated into key mask components help patients use, orient, disassemble and reassemble the mask. This allows for simpler and more intuitive mask education.



High level performance and comfort
Intuitive disassembly, reassembly and adjustment.
Very practical washable diffuser
Limited noise and draft
Reliable seal
Clearer line of sight

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