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Fisher & Paykel

Evora headgear

Evora headgear

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Fisher & Paykel introduces CapFit technology which is only compatible with the Evora nasal mask . This lightweight, one-size-fits-all headgear connects securely to the mask frame and eliminates cushion/bubble tension. You can even use the velcro straps to make minor adjustments to find your ideal comfort level.

AirEdge technology allows the headgear to rest gently against your cheeks and helps reduce painful skin irritation marks.

*Headgear only.


Minimal Contact - Soft knit material provides comfortable support while sleeping while reducing unsightly red marks from over-tightening. If you suffer from sensitive skin or have allergies, the Evora nasal mask is designed to meet your needs.
Unique Design - The Evora features the world's first CapFit helmet that fits just like your favorite hat. Easily adjust and adjust your harness to your desired comfort level with 3 adjustment points! In fact, in a recent Fisher & Paykel study, 98% of patients who tried the Evora found it easy to put on and take off in the dark. Choose ease of use when considering your next CPAP mask. Choose the Evora nasal mask!


Included with this purchase

(1) Evora harness with back strap (one size)

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