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AirFit F30 Facial Mask

AirFit F30 Facial Mask

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The AirFit™ F30 mask is a minimal contact full face mask, meaning the cushion rests under your nose rather than on it. This gives it a modern look and prevents discomfort on the top of your nose.

This minimalist cushion that rests under your nose reduces facial contact, irritation and pressure points. The AirFit™F30 mask features an easily adjustable, soft fabric headgear that fits a wide range of sleep therapy users. The magnetic fasteners allow you to put the mask on or take it off in no time. The soft fabric harness provides additional comfort. The quick-release elbow allows you to get up at night and switch off without removing the mask.

The AirFit™ F30 CPAP mask is one of the quietest and lightest full face masks on the market.

Manufacturer's contraindication:
The use of masks with magnetic components is contraindicated in patients with a medical implant (pacemaker or defibrillator). The same goes for patients who have a metal hemostatic device implanted in the skull following an aneurysm.


The UltraCompact F30's innovative, minimal-contact full cushion design sits under the nose - covering just the mouth and nostrils - to reduce contact with the face and eliminate problematic contact points like the bridge of the nose and top of the nostrils. play. The low-profile design helps reduce pinching and red marks common to many full face mask designs, but it's also perfect for people who wear glasses or like to read at night. It can even help reduce feelings of claustrophobia.

The plush fabric harness, specially designed for added softness and stability, is supplied with all F30 masks. The harness's rolled-edged fabric straps are designed to be worn loosely so the UltraCompact Cushion can conform to the contours of your face without undue pressure. Magnetic clips on the bottom straps guide the harness into the frame so it's quick and easy to put on and take off. All AirFit F30 masks come with a standard blue highlight headgear.

The AirFit F30 features ResMed's QuietAir Elbow, with near-silent air dispersion and smoother exhaust airflow than ever before, so everyone can enjoy a quiet, comfortable night's sleep. The AirFit F30's elbow also features quick releases that make it easy to detach with one hand during the night, and it rotates 360° with an independent swivel tube to reduce tube resistance.


Mask type: Full face mask (covers nose and mouth)
Actual weight: 3.2 oz
Warranty: 90 days from manufacturing defects
Rx required? No
Cushion sizes: Small #64150, Medium #64151

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