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Philips Respironics

Fitlife Facial Mask

Fitlife Facial Mask

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Patients with facial hair, dentures, facial abnormalities, lowered nasal bridge or claustrophobia need a comfortable mask. FitLife is the complete solution for these patients.

More comfortable face mask
FitLife quickly creates an effective seal around the areas of the face least sensitive to pressure, while allowing unrestricted vision. La grande surface égalise la pression à l’intérieur du masque et minimise les irritations oculaires. Give your patients the comfort and seal they deserve.

Perfected strap for easy donning and doffing
The FitLife strap is available in small and large sizes. Il est équipé de languettes EZ pour un ajustement et un retrait rapides et faciles. Les systèmes d’attache simplifient sa remise en place et évitent de devoir le réajuster après son retrait.

Approved for pediatric use FitLife is available in small, large and extra-large sizes. L’ajustement se fait facilement dans la mesure où notre grand masque convient à la plupart des patients. Our small mask is approved for pediatric use.

O2 tap port for pressure measurement or O2 release

Built-in, silent leakage ports keep exhaled air away from spouses.
FitLife allows your patients and their spouses to enjoy a good night's sleep.

Training valve for safety
Valve triggers access to room air if pressure drops below 3cm H2O.

Pivoting system for greater freedom of hose movement

Contour sealing for maximum comfort
A soft silicone cushion seals the contours, ensuring a fast, uniform and comfortable fit.



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