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Lumin multi-use UV-C sanitation system

Lumin multi-use UV-C sanitation system

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Lumin® is a quick and easy way to disinfect! The Lumin® can be used as a multi-purpose sanitation solution for personal care products (toothbrushes, toys, cell phones, etc.). The Lumin is ideal for sanitizing the tubing, mask or humidity chamber of CPAP machines.

With the simple push of a button, users have clean CPAP equipment ready for reuse in just 5 minutes. The Lumin uses a powerful amount of UV light contained in a fail-safe chamber to kill bacteria in just five minutes.


Easy to use

The Lumin CPAP Cleaner uses strong UV light to kill 99% of bacteria, pathogens and fungi on objects placed inside the device. UV light is an effective disinfectant used in the healthcare industry and hospitals.


The Lumin can also be used to disinfect other items, such as toothbrushes, dentures, hearing aids, and anything else that can fit into the tray of the device.
This Lumin device will NOT be able to properly disinfect a CPAP tubing. It is recommended to clean a CPAP hose regularly and replace it as needed. You can also purchase the Lumin Bullet, a uniquely designed CPAP pipe cleaner that uses UV light to disinfect your tube. Buy the Bullet separately or bundle the Lumin and Bullet CPAP Hose Cleaner together for a convenient all-in-one cleaning system.
All spare parts are available


Actual weight: 5 lbs
Condition: New
Latex-free: Yes
Reception required? : No
Shipping Weight: 5.5 lbs Special User Features: CPAP Cleaner and Disinfectant |
1 year warranty

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