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AirFit N30 Fitpack nasal mask

AirFit N30 Fitpack nasal mask

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The Resmed AirFit™ N30 mask features an elastic QuickFit strap that slips on easily like a pair of glasses and is designed to fit multiple head types right out of the bag. Small clips attached to the harness can be used to make minor adjustments if necessary, making this mask comfortable and easy to use. The AirFit™ N30 mask features a minimalist design and an elastic pull-on headgear that can help you get a great start to your new routine.

The QuickFit™ harness is easy to put on and quickly adjust if necessary. The low-profile design allows you to wear it with confidence in the presence of your loved ones. QuietAir™ ventilation technology is designed to minimize noise. The incredibly soft curved cushion sits comfortably under your nose. The narrow profile design provides a good seal and is perfect for side sleepers. Just three pieces make it easy to disassemble, clean and reassemble.

The mask comes with several sizes of bubbles that you can try in the comfort of your home.

Manufacturer's contraindication:

The use of masks with magnetic components is contraindicated in patients with a medical implant (pacemaker or defibrillator). The same goes for patients who have a metal hemostatic device implanted in the skull following an aneurysm.



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