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Vitera Facial Mask

Vitera Facial Mask

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With the Vitera mask, comfort is rethought. The success of CPAP treatment is based on personal and unique comfort. This is precisely why we believe comfort should be measured during a full night's sleep, and not just during the initial consultation. With technologies brought together to provide stability, adaptability and air permeability throughout the night, F&P Vitera is a mask that redefines comfort.

Cool and comfortable with VentiCool™
This mask features VentiCool™ technology which keeps patients cool and comfortable during their night's sleep. The Vitera headgear features an exclusive breathable fabric that lets out 21 times more air and 32% more moisture than the material used in the face mask range.

Freedom of movement with RollFit™ XT
The RollFit XT cushion allows the mask to dynamically adapt to the movements the patient may make throughout the night, while reducing pressure on the bridge of the nose. The RollFit XT cushion covers 93% more surface area than the previous RollFit cushion range.

The Stability Bar and RollFit Minimize leaks into the eyes.


Adaptable, Comfortable Seal - The Vitera offers a new, updated RollFit XT seal that adapts to your sleeping position with a unique silicone cushion that rolls back and forth over the bridge of your nose and which is designed for a wider fit. Maintain a comfortable seal while reducing the possibility of mask leakage which reduces the effectiveness of CPAP treatment. Find a personalized level of comfort designed especially for you by purchasing the 3 available cushion sizes: Small, Medium and Large.
A cool and comfortable harness - The new VentiCool technology in the Vitera harness strap gives you breathable fabric that allows air to reach even the back of your head. No more waking up sweaty from the heat and humidity trapped by your CPAP mask! Available in two different sizes: Small or Medium/Large, stay cool and comfortable with a secure and effective harness strap.
Dynamic Stability - Gain stability with the low-profile frontal stability bar that keeps your mask in place no matter what sleeping position you choose. The slim frame creates an open field of vision, meaning you can read or watch TV with minimal restrictions. Reduce the risk of waking up with skin irritation or red marks from a mask that is too tight or puts too much pressure on one part of the face. Fisher & Paykel understands these frustrations and has adapted the Vitera to meet your needs with a wider seal cushion and a much thinner mask frame than the Simplus Full Face CPAP Mask.
Ease of Use - Easily slide the brow clip on and off without losing the custom fit you've previously become accustomed to. This reduces the risk of your harness getting tangled and prevents you from having to resize your harness every night. New headgear clips, with touch-sensitive handles, help you position the headgear on the mask surround. The Vitera also features VisiBlue, a color marker that guides you in assembling key mask components. Spend less time reassembling your mask each night and more time enjoying a peaceful night's sleep.


Included in this purchase

(1) Vitera Full CPAP Mask Frame
(3) Complete cushions
(1) Harness strap with 2 harness clips
(1) Mask elbow

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